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  • On 1 November 2012 entered into force the Regulation (EU) No 236/2012 of the European Parliament and of the European Council on short selling and on certain aspects of credit default swaps.
  • The Regulation requires people holding net short positions in shares or bonds of the same magnitude or above certain thresholds to communicate those positions to the competent authority before 15:30 of the trading day following the one on which the relevant threshold was reached.
  • For shares, the disclosure threshold is set at 0.2% of the market capitalization of the issuer and any subsequent change at 0.1%. The Regulation requires that the net short positions in shares equal or greater than 0.5% of the market capitalization is to be published.
  • For government bonds and the CDS on sovereign debt the Regulation states the following:
    1. the obligation to report to the competent authorities of individual net short positions on sovereign debt of a significant amount (art. 7);
    2. a ban on short selling in the absence of the availability of the securities, as well as the ban to take positions on uncovered credit default swaps on sovereign issuers (arts. 13, 14);
  • The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) shall publish on its website the notification thresholds for the sovereign debt of each Member State.
  • The Regulation reports a system of exemptions for market makers and primary dealers.
  • Under the provisions of the new Article 4 ter of the Consolidated Finance Act (Legislative Decree 58/1998), introduced by the Development Decree (Decree 179/2012), the Bank of Italy and Consob are the competent authorities to receive notifications , implement the measures and exercise the functions and powers provided for by the ordinary rules; the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is the competent authority to intervene in exceptional circumstances, to be exercised on a proposal of the Bank of Italy, after consulting Consob.
  • In particular, to the Bank of Italy must be given notifications of net short positions on sovereign debt and notifications by the Italian market makers and authorized primary dealers in government securities wishing to make use of the exemptions.
  • As for shares, any person or entity for which Italy is the Member State of origin - that is, it is a resident in Italy - is required to give notification to Consob for the use of the exemption as market maker; Moreover, any natural or legal person, wherever resident, is required to make reports to Consob (if they are above the thresholds required by law) of the net short positions relating to issuers whose shares have, as the main market, an Italian regulated market or for which the trading venue to which they have been admitted to trading for the first time is an Italian MTF.
  • For details please refer to the websites, and
  • Note that in the calculation of the net short position also contribute exposures (long and short) taken indirectly through the purchase of ETF (short, double short, long and leverage) that replicate indexes that include shares or sovereign debt according to reasonable criteria, on the basis of publicly available information on the composition of the relevant indices.
  • For example, consider that the purchase of an ETF Short (-1x) or Double Short (-2x) of an equity index / bond produces a short position on government bonds / securities comprising the index replicated by ETF, while buying an ETF Long (+ 1x) or Leverage (+ 2x) produces a long position on government bonds /the securities included in the index replicated by the ETF.
  • For information about the index replicated by the ETF, please refer to the documents "Prospectus", "KIID" and "Documento di Quotazione "and / or document" Monthly Update "on the site (in the section dedicated to the individual ETF). To request information, please contact the toll free number 800 92 93 00 or write to the e-mail address: